Welcome to the New York City. The epicenter of the arts. The ultimate trendsetter of the whole world. It’s truly a city of triumph, a capital of exploration and experimentation; it’s the place where one is truly free to be themselves.

Traveling to New York can be an experience of a lifetime. The greatest city in the world has everything you need to say, “I’m living my life to the fullest!”

Furnished NYC Apartments helps you get started with life in New York by finding a furnished rental apartment that meets your needs. Whether you’re an international student, a diplomat or foreign executive visiting New York, a tourist looking to stay in New York for sometime, or a business looking for a corporate relocation, we have all types of apartments to meet your needs.

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New York City has too many attractions and points of interest to list here, with the likes of the Empire State Building, the evergreen Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Ground Zero sharing the majority of share in attendance.
Our furnished rental apartments are located across Manhattan and Brooklyn to give you a taste of what the great city has to offer. The mass transit in New York City operates 24/7 and helps you connect from one end of New York to the other. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is the largest bus fleet in the world and serves over 200,000 commuters daily. Our apartments are located in convenient communities where you can easily find a bus stop or a rail station without having to look around too much.

Lots of things to do in your free time!

Visit the Times Square and watch thousands of billboards flash and people walk by in one of the most iconic landmarks around the world. Take a day off at Central Park and soak a unique view of New York that you’ve never seen before. Go on a helicopter tour ride and watch the spectacular skyscrapers from the skies.
Go to the Broadway and watch local talents showing their skills in a musical play. Visit the Empire State Building and find out what makes it such a popular tourist attraction. Pay homage to the ones that lost their lives at the events that transpired on 9/11 at Ground Zero.
In New York City, there is everything for people of different tastes, which makes the living experience even more exhilarating.

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At Furnished NYC Apartments, we can help you find the perfect rental apartment in your desired neighborhood within your budget. If you can’t seem to decide on what accommodation would suit you best, then you can always contact us for free consultancy.
With our furnished rental apartments, you can easily find your feet in the glamorous city of New York. Once you have made reservations, we will provide you with a map of the city that can help you find your way around. Discover what New York has in store for you only with us!

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